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The Platform for gamified sales and distribution of financial products that distribute prizes.

Responsible for offering microinsurance, capitalization bonds, and assistance in apps, games, and mobile commerce operated by Dualk Tecnologia.

Four dimensions, sixteen features, and thousands of possibilities to gamify promotions and sales.

Bia controls the distribution of instant prizes and lucky numbers, allowing, through a virtual wallet, to accumulate coins exchangeable for financial products, discounts, or gifts.

The solution formed by
Seven f
eatures of Bia

Allows you to distribute instant prizes in digital scratch cards and lucky numbers for draws in lottery services.

The solution formed by
Sixteen features of Bia


It allows the creation of gamified virtual environments that distribute prizes and promote the sale of financial products.

Bia operates the sale of financial products with instant prizes in the "digital scratch cards" format 100% adaptable to the central legislations worldwide.

Whether through APIs, integrations, customizations, or control panels, Bia offers sales intelligence information that allows you to adjust strategies and direct promotions and sales.

Bia's feature map


Isle of Eendeland

Bia's MVP in microinsurance and the projects that gave rise to PlayPets

ATTENTION! The Bia Promo and Mania apps, although free to download and use, have products and items that are only contracted/released if purchased with real or virtual money (cryptocurrencies). In addition, under our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, Bia users must be at least 16 years old to enjoy all of our services. Consult the Terms of Use, General Conditions, and Regulation of Draws through the apps.

FOR BRAZIL ONLY: The sale of capitalization bonds to minors under 16 is prohibited, pursuant to Art. 3, I of the Civil Code. Instant draws are limited to 30% of the total amount allocated to prizes. The approval of a capitalization bond by SUSEP does not imply, on the part of the Autarchy, an incentive or recommendation for its acquisition, representing, exclusively, its adequacy to the rules in force.

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