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Business intelligence

Bia is business intelligence, organizing and consolidating information from collections of gold-backed NFTs sold in different marketplaces.

Process Intelligence

The intelligence that:

•  Controls the sale of NTFs with credit rights

•  Operates gamification projects for accumulating 24k gold

•  Holds the sale of TKTs for games and lotteries with prizes in gold coins

•  Controls the sale and exchange of gold coins for virtual items

•  Manages the custody of gold coins accumulated by projects

•  It organizes the sending of gold coins corresponding to the credit of the equity fraction that represents the credit right of a certain NFT

Profitability and Gold Coins

It is also the system that organizes the financial flow of projects associated with collections, enabling the calculation model in which it is possible to:

Project future yields and predict the number of gold coins the projects will mint.

Shielding of Crypto Assets in Gold

Bia is a system for asset shielding in gold that uses the sale of NTFs with receivables and TKTs from crypto lotteries as continuous sources of revenue for the project.

It solves the problem generated by a possible sudden devaluation of cryptocurrencies collected from the sale of NFTs and TKTs. It uses the Stable Coin concept to back the prize pool of crypto lotteries and the credit rights associated with NFTs.

Blockchain Gold Registration

Bia equates the best cost-benefit ratio in issuing NTFs and TKTs, using blockchain networks according to demand:

Low Demand - Ethereum Network registration:


• The issuance of art NFTs with credit rights
• The minting of collectible coins via the purchase of gold
• The coinage of prizes in collectible coins

High Demand - Polygon Network registration:

• The issuance of game ticket-type NFTs (TKTs)
• The minting record of award coins
• The minting of prize coins in collectible coins

Return on Capital in Gold Coins

Bia, as the system, and Dualk, as the legal operator of the system and executor of the projects supported by the system, are exempt from registration for operation in Brazil.

(CVM Instruction No. 588 of July 13, 2017: Art 2 - § 1)

The return on capital invested in purchasing NFTs or TKTs will be through exclusive collectible gold coins.

Equity formed in Gold Coins

Under Bia's custody, the assets corresponding to the projects are made up of valuable sets of gold coins, whose values as collectible jewelry can exceed their weight values.


Gold coins are minted in multiples of the number of NFTs in the same collection, allowing NFTs to share the right to the same amount of coins among themselves.

Equity Fraction in Gold Coins

The rights over the assets accumulated by the projects follow the "General Conditions of Credit Rights of the Collections," subscribed by Dualk (executor of the projects in Brazil).


The NFTs from the same collection share equal parts in the equity formed by the project, and their equity fractions are made up of exclusive 24K gold coins.


The equity fraction corresponds to the amount in gold coins determined by the credit right assigned to each NFT in the collection.

Bia is responsible for organizing the delivery of coins corresponding to the credit of the equity fraction that represents the credit right of a particular NFT.

Risks and Exemption from Registration


The risks of project failure must be assessed by the purchaser of NFTs before declaring his intention to participate in a project. These risks essentially cover the possibility of not receiving the return of amounts paid or amounts of potential income due to several factors, which include, but are not limited to, market adversities, credit problems, project solvency, etc., so that the executor of the projects does not guarantee the buyer profitability, profit, income or even the performance of any contracts signed on behalf of the projects.


Faced with the vicissitudes surrounding the business, it is up to the buyer to verify the information he deems necessary for assessing the risks of the projects. Project risks are also associated with factors that affect the market, such as economic policy, the economic and financial situation of suppliers contracted by the project executor, economic sectors slowdown, and efficiency in project management, among others. Before making any payment, the buyer must have an understanding of the level of risk inherent in the amount to be completed and expressly acknowledge that he understands the general and specific risks of project execution. Payments made are subject to the risk of total or partial loss.


The executor of the projects does not grant any guarantee of success of the project before the buyer or group of buyers, nor does it offer any warranty that the project will comply with the projected profitability and the forecast of gold coins that will be minted, or that the buyer will get any projected return. The projected profitability on the capital raised by the sale of the NFTs of a collection takes place through capitalization in gold, with financial gains in an asset consisting of 24k gold coins.


The business company executing the projects, the NFTs offered in the gallery, and the operations carried out by the executor, are exempt from registration by the Securities Commission - CVM. CVM Instruction No. 588 of July 13, 2017: Art 2 - § 1 - Financing raised through pages on the World Wide Web, program, Application, or electronic means is not considered a public offering of securities, when in the case of a donation, or when the return on capital received is through: II - goods and services.

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