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Our solutions range from gamification to gold, involving selling financial products that distribute prizes and shielding crypto assets in gold.

It all started with the Isle of Eendeland, the home of the PlayPets. The virtual island was initially developed as a map for the PlayPet, Bia's showcase app for gamified sales of financial products.

Legal uncertainty in Brazil, the complexity of the relationship between startup and Brazilian bank, and the severe drop in our target audience's purchasing power in recent years made us rethink our business and redesign Bia.


We concluded that Bia needed to evolve. We defined the metaverse as the perfect environment to rebuild the Isle of Eendeland and position Bia as a pioneer in the gamification of financial products for the metaverse.

In Bia's redesign, the most critical changes for defining the new financial flow and the profitability calculation model are:

The Isle of Eendeland was a map, and it became a virtual world in the metaverse;

PlayPet was an app for gamified sales of financial products, and it became a "Crypto Lottery" with the extraction of drawable elements in the metaverse;

The "Lucky Numbers" of the draws previously linked to the CEF do Brazil Lottery are now linked to PlayPet.

Regarding financial products, before, our focus was the gamified sale of assistance, micro insurance, and capitalization bonds; now, our goal is to unite gamification, metaverse, and blockchain in forming gold savings accounts.

The formed gold savings accounts represent an exclusive financial product based on shielding crypto assets in gold.

In the NFT, we found a token with excellent support for delivering financial products structured in "Tokenization" and "Crypto Lottery" in the metaverse.

The new Bia is a pioneer in selling financial products that use NFTs in gamified projects in the metaverse, resulting in shielding assets in gold in the real world.

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